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The origins

Bermec has a very long history and is heir to an artisan tradition that goes back a long way. Let’s start from the beginning: our family’s business history began more than a hundred years ago, in Talamona with the grandfather of the actual chief executive (Emanuele Bertolini). He started out as a blacksmith, but he immediately began to specialise in the construction of winches and cableways, once the only means for transporting goods in the mountains. Emanuele’s parents then continued in his footsteps, adding a hardware store and a gas cylinder distribution service.

Step change

When, in 1986, they were forced to move their workshop out of the centre of town, Emanuele decided to change tack and converted the business into a machining shop with numerically controlled machines. He bought the first CNC machining centre and built his first small workshop on the Talamona industrial estate. In the meantime, other businesses have sprung up alongside Bermec (some have moved away and others have shut down), and over the years we have weathered a number of crisis, large and small – but Bermec has never stopped growing.

Bermec - turning machining, milling machining, grinding machining


Since 1986 Bermec has transformed and still represents now a company specialized in third-party precision mechanics, through mechanical processing with both traditional and CNC chip removing machine tools.

Today Bermec performs a wide range of turning, milling and tangential grinding processing and it carries out mechanical assembly operations and special machines construction.

Bermec - turning machining, milling machining, grinding machining

Machine park

Bermec boasts a cutting-edge machine park, featuring: three CNC lathe machines, a motorized vertical lathe with y-axis, two 4-axis FMS horizontal machining centers with 20 pallets, three 5-axis machining centers, a 4-axis horizontal machining center, a 4-axis vertical machining center, two vertical machining centers, two traditional milling machines, two traditional parallel lathe machines, five drill presses, an automatic bandsaw. We are also experts in mechanical assembly operations and the construction of special machines.

Machine tools constantly updated, with maintaining programs in order to keep the efficiency over 95 %. Everything is completed by a climatized quality control room, equipped with five 3D machines for quality assurance.

Bermec: expert in turning machining, milling machining, and grinding machining

Our Mission

We are constantly trying to broaden our knowledge through training, confrontation and study. We believe that precision is the key to excellence and we are well aware that in our field, precision processing, even the smallest error is not acceptable, Our recipe for excellence is based on the pragmatic approach of our mountain community, where we started out more than thirty-five years ago, believing that “it is what you do that counts”.

According to this philosophy we follow these 4 principles:

Planning and realizing
Efficiency and punctuality
Direction ability


Why choose us

Our history speaks of experience, relationships with markets and people, of flows and of great historical crises. Yet we are still standing. Always ready to adapt to change, with our first goal of always satisfying the needs of those who surround us: family, friends, colleagues, customers and suppliers.

The world today changes at incredible speed and we always look for space by taking a step forward. We try to understand change in its dynamics and we do it with satisfaction, courage, and great deal of heart.


Our strong points


We are organized, we solve problems and we do what we say; we are in fact characterised by organization and fluid and efficient processes.


We are specialized in machining that goes from single lot to medium series lots, we are able to machine all kind of materials and to work with companies of every sector.


We have a short, handled and controlled lead time: in 2023 we made 88,87% of the deliveries on time, that is, in regard to Europe, 4 weeks from order date.


We are present and active on the market since more than 35 years. This has helped us to grow, learn and increase our strongpoints.

Certified quality

We have a climatized quality control room, equipped with five 3D machines for quality assurance. During 2023 the nonconformity percentage of our products was just 0,062%.

Team of technical experts

We are all qualified technical experts of our job and we work on quality and advanced machines, on which we do 14 daily set ups and it is constantly monitored the index of Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Advanced machines

Avant-garde machine tools, constantly updated, with predictive and preventive maintenance programs, in order to maintain efficiencies superior to 95%


Experience, research and specialization have been the keys to reach many and various sectors and markets. Nowadays we operate in more than 15 sectors, distributed in more than 10 European countries.


OUR team



Bermec has an integrated system certified according to the following standards.



Food contact materials
Food contact materials


Bermec: expert in turning machining, milling machining, and grinding machining

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