The experience of Andrea G. at Bermec

During the past three weeks at Bermec we welcomed a new mechanical student for a school internship experience. We are talking about Andrea G., who recently completed his fourth year at ITIS E. Mattei in Sondrio - specialising in mechanics and mechatronics.

At the end of his experience in the company, we wanted to have a chat with him and an interesting interview emerged:


  • How was your experience? What did you do, what did you get involved in and what did you enjoy?

"Overall my experience at Bermec was very positive and I learnt a lot of things that are sometimes unfortunately overlooked at school.

During my internship days I carried out various tasks, from measuring components in quality control to producing them on CNC machines, as well as viewing and evaluating the company's new products together with colleagues. The aspects I liked most were the hospitality and friendliness of my work colleagues, as they immediately welcomed me and treated me like a colleague who has worked at Bermec for years."


  • Do you think you learnt a lot in the company? And more importantly, do you think that the lessons you received here will also help you at school?

"In the company, I discovered a whole different world from the one in school, being able to understand how to behave in a working environment. I therefore believe that the lessons I received at Bermec will come in handy throughout my life, as well as at school."


  • A slightly more personal question: now that you have taken your first steps towards a work environment, do you have clearer ideas about your future? Do you already know what job you would like to do when you grow up?

"In my future I'd like to continue studying and become a mechanical engineer and who knows, maybe come back to work for Bermec."


Below is a beautiful video, which shows us Andrea's experience in Bermec through photos and moments:

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