Bermec, whoever tries it won’t leave it. The secret? Do and Satisfy.

Trust is one of the keys to success and at Bermec we are convinced that producing precision mechanical components would be useless if we did not also build solid relationships with our customers through a daily demonstration of quality, efficiency and punctuality.

Through machining operations on numerical control, milling and turning machines, every machining operation for Bermec represents a new challenge to be faced every day with the aim of satisfying and making more and more customers believe in us.

Bermec has in itself the objective, that each customer is a partner with whom to collaborate for the good of both, to establish a relationship of mutual trust that allows to meet the need and to study the best solution for each need. That’s why those who try don’t leave us, and the proof is in the long list of historical customers with whom we have had relations for years.

In one year Bermec produces an average of 70,000 pieces for the most varied sectors, reaching 15 different articles daily. We can fulfill your order within three weeks of issue. At the high levels of excellence in which we operate, no mistakes are allowed, which is why our standards are appropriately high:

  • Consolidated staff of 25 highly skilled people to whom we dedicate over 700 hours of training each year.
  • A quality efficiency close to the maximum, with a total quality close to 0.06 % non-compliance on the pieces produced.
  • On a technological level, for the production lines, Bermec is equipped for complex machining operations with multi-axis machining centres (4/5 axes), single and multi-pallet up to 20, as well as an air-conditioned quality area, where as many as 4 Hexagon coordinate measuring machines are in operation, where we also carry out certificates on request for each individual part

As the crowning achievement of a more and more challenging path every day, but precisely because of this challenging, we are pleased to announce that Bermec has started the process to obtain a new and important certification. While we are waiting for good news, let’s get back to work because, as one of our Rules of Doing says, you have to know how to Do well and on time.

Bermec: expert in turning machining, milling machining, and grinding machining

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