Bike to work – the Bermec Welfare Plan

Bike to work is the Welfare Plan adopted by Bermec to support household incomes by offering workers specific goods and services, with a focus on the green trend towards alternative mobility, to reduce car use.

Bermec has always focused on the company climate and the health of its workers, whose professionalism and loyalty play the central role in its success. So a tailor-made Welfare Plan is a significant step, especially in this period of post-pandemic adjustment, when it is fundamental to put the human and professional value of a highly skilled, motivated team at the centre of planning.

Bike to work is a Welfare Plan that encourages the use of a bike for travel between home and work. The decision to use an electric bike or traditional push-bike not only has positive effects in terms of environmental impact and traffic reduction, especially at rush-hours, but is also beneficial for the worker’s fitness.
In fact, it is well known that daily, non-intensive exercise has positive effects on health from various points of view:

  • people who exercise are less prone to diseases
  • dynamism and concentration at work are greater
  • exercise improves mood and lowers stress levels, helping relationships, shedding excess weight raises muscle tone and boosts self-confidence

As well as the benefits of sustainable mobility in terms of better mental and physical health and environmental protection, Bike to work will increase workers’ disposable income by providing the services they need through the subsidies granted under Corporate Welfare legislation.
The Bike to work welfare plan includes a scheme based on the km travelled from home to work every day, under which workers accumulate credits that they can spend, via a special platform, on services ranging from education to health, by way of sports and leisure activities, primary care for the elderly and crèche costs.

Io pedalo al lavoro, al lavoro pedalo [“Bike to work for a better working life”] is the slogan we have chosen for Bike to work, linking productivity to the benefits generated by exercise, in the conviction that physical and mental health is invaluable for every man and woman, and a fundamental for every successful business.



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