From internship to employment: Federico’s experience

Today we want to come back to a topic very important to us: the 'Youth and Work' project.

Since years, at Bermec we have been offering young students coming from various school institutes the opportunity of making school internship experiences within the company, with the aim of helping them grow, always trying to give them more knowledge for the future, in our world of precision mechanics.

In doing so, we have never overlooked the possibility of evaluating the great elements that have passed through the company by offering them a job opportunity for the future. And this is precisely the case of Federico, a young mechanical student.

In March 2022, in his fourth year, Federico was welcomed in Bermec for his school internship and during the interview at the end of his path he said: 'thanks to this experience I understood better what I want to do and I think it's exactly this' and we, in the article that followed, commented: 'he ends his experience convinced that he wants to work in the world of precision mechanics and perhaps, why not, right here in Bermec'.

Now Federico has rejoined Bermec for his fifth-year internship and at the end of it he will leave with a signed contract in his hand, as his skills, commitment and desire to learn prompted us to make him a job offer even before he finished school and he accepted enthusiastically.

Now we just have to wait for him at the beginning of the summer, with the hope that his career in the company will be long and satisfying.

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