Marco's experience in Bermec

Today in Bermec a new mechanical student ends his three-weeks school internship experience. He is Marco and he’s attending the third year of the ‘maintenance and technical assistence’ course at the Romegialli Institute in Morbegno.

At the end of his experience, we wanted to have a quick chat with him so that we could dedicate some space on our website to this interesting interview/story:


  • Marco, let’s talk a little bit about your experience in Bermec. Please tell us how it was, what you did, what departments you worked in, etc..

“The experience in Bermec went very well for me.

During my days here, fortunately, I had the opportunity to work in three departments, such as quality control, – where I learned how to use the various measuring instruments – production – where I was working alongside the mechanical operators, who very professionally showed me how to work on CNC machines – and also in the tool shop – helping my colleagues with the various equipments dedicated to machining”.


  • Today you finish your course here and it is time to go back on school desks. Have you learned a lot here in Bermec and do you think what you learned will be useful for your studies?

“During these three weeks I have learned a lot, thanks to my colleagues, who have given me a lot of knowledge and teachings. What will be most useful to me, once I’ll return to school, is that I learned the importance of precision – which is everything in this job – and knowing how to methodically and carefully read the mechanical drawing”.


  • Now I'd like to ask you one last question, which is a bit more personal: after you have completed your first experience in a work environment, do you have clearer ideas about your future? Do you already know what job you would like to do when you grow up?

“I would like to be either a milling machine operator or a car mechanic. To be honest, I'm still a bit undecided, however, I still have two years of school and the possibility of doing more internships.

My dream, however, would be to be able to build components for cars and then assemble them, so a mix between operator and mechanic."


We wish Marco the best of luck in following his dreams and will be happy to be useful to him in some way. Now we say goodbye to him with the following video, which tells us through photos and videos his whole experience in Bermec:

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