MOCA certification: a new achievement for Bermec

What is MOCA certification?

MOCA certification, the Italian certification for materials and objects approved for contact with food, is essential for a company like Bermec, which produces food industry components, intended for use in contact with foodstuffs.

Why is MOCA certification so important?

In Italy, Legislative Decree 29/2017, published in the Official Journal on 10.02.2017, establishes a system which imposes penalties for breach of European regulations on objects intended for contact with foods.
It therefore goes without saying that a company like Bermec, which aims for excellence as its standard and is working to an ever-increasing extent on food industry components, views the issue of this certification as an additional step towards a position of European leadership in precision machining.
The audits performed as a prerequisite for issue of the certification confirm the company’s ability to manage risks relating to both the shedding of substances and the performance of components, avoiding and preventing any impairment of the quality and health safety of the foods with which they come into contact.

MOCA certification provides companies with audited documentation to provide a satisfactory response to inspections by the competent authorities or the requests of their customers, but above all it enables them to stand out on their markets by displaying a mark that underlines their high standards and reliability.

Achieving the Moca Certification, Bermec take another step to the excellence in precision machining.

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