Officina del Mentoring

Today we want to talk about “Officina del Mentoring”: an initiative of the CCIS Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland, which provides member companies with the expertise of specialists with the aim of helping them grow and seize new opportunities through coaching activities.

Bermec undertook this path of strategic support for digitisation/digital marketing in March 2021 and was followed for 12 months by a mentor - Alessandro Marrarosa - who, thanks to his knowledge, supported us in a dedicated action plan specific to our needs, requirements and objectives.

In practical terms, his support focused on very specific areas, such as the website, CRM and social networks. Through monthly calls or according to our specific urgencies, our mentor helped us with notions, teachings, ideas and advice on how to best develop the new website, exploit the usefulness of tools such as newsletters and landing pages, analyse website traffic, learn about the importance of online contacts, implement our ideas to make social channels more interesting and much more.

Each meeting was therefore a means of learning new things on the one hand and refining notions we already knew on the other. So in conclusion, this project was very useful for us from a practical point of view and interesting and challenging from a training point of view.

At the end of the project, we brought our testimony in a video interview (with English subtitles) with Alessandro and the CCIS. Enjoy it:

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