#PeopleBehindMachines is more than just a hashtag to underline the professionalism that has made such a crucial contribution to Bermec’s growth in recent years; it is first and foremost the founding idea of a business project centred on the achievement of more and more stimulating goals, through the human and professional growth of the people who work to achieve these goals on a daily basis.

A successful business has multiple souls and various, extremely high precision components (an area where we are particularly outstanding!), each with its own peculiarities, know-how, strong points to be built on and weak points to be improved. The Bermec team is a variegated one, which mixes the generations: people with years of experience, and others whose daily contribution includes a drive to experiment and learn new things. What we all share, and the essence of our approach, is the constant desire to improve, so that what we spend most of our working days doing is not reduced to an end in itself but becomes a reason for satisfaction and encouragement to look beyond, to the world around us, from the small scale of the family group to the whole world.

For our celebration of the #PeopleBehindMachines idea, we have drawn on the twenty-fifth anniversary with the company of the head of our Technical Department, Paolo Vaninetti. Twenty-five years is a long time, but it seems to have flashed by if you think of all the changes that have taken place in precision machining in the last quarter of a century and beyond. Throughout these twenty-five years, Paolo has been the steady centre, the point of reference, around which our team has consolidated and grown. We hope and firmly believe that many of the young men and women at Bermec will be inspired by Paolo’s daily example, and engage on their own process of professional growth, by trying to do better every day

There will always be people behind machines, even precision machining ones, and at Bermec we are truly happy to have the best possible team.

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