Precision machining: achieving excellence with the 4 rules of Doing

We all know that excellence means precision, or rather in our case precision machining, a field where even the tiniest error is not acceptable.
Everyone has their own recipe for excellence, and ours is grounded in the no-nonsense, pragmatic approach of our mountain community, where we started out more than thirty years ago: what you Do is what matters, and we have created 4 rules of Doing:

  1. Doing and Planning
  2. Know-how for a job well Done, on time
  3. Know-how for Doing
  4. Doing know-how

Doing and Planning means efficient organisation, where productivity and team members’ wellbeing go hand-in-hand.

Know-How for a job well Done on time is an essential prerequisite for competing at the highest levels, with excellence constantly maintained.

Know-How for Doing is the key to success, in the most perfect artisan tradition, where the growth of the whole team is an asset to be cherished.

Doing Know-How, with pride, is what Bermec has always done, and above all the core of the entire mission.

These are the few, simple ingredients with which we set to work every day, exploiting the experience gained over the years thanks to the artisan tradition that is our legacy, to meet the needs and demands of customers all over Europe, aware that a metal component is only cold and lifeless if it is not made with love.

Many people think the world of precision machining is a grey, hard one, not realising that the pieces we process are increasingly used in the most widely varying fields; even now, if you are sitting in a coffee-bar eating a chocolate pastry as you scroll through this article, you may be benefiting from a component we produced, without which that pastry could not have been made.

Bringing excellence into daily life, with 4 simple rules and a big heart: this is the Bermec mission.

Bermec: expert in turning machining, milling machining, and grinding machining

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