The experience of Andrea S. in Bermec

Together with Andrea G. - to whom we dedicated the previous blog article - we also welcomed another mechanic student to Bermec for his school internship experience: Andrea S., who recently completed his fourth year at ITIS E. Mattei in Sondrio - specialising in mechanics and mechatronics.

At the end of his path in the company, we took some time to have a chat with him and the result was a nice interview, full of feelings and thoughts:


  • Andrea, please tell us how your experience at Bermec went, focusing on what you did and what you liked.

"Being my first work experience, everything was new to me, so the first few days I worked alongside the other operators to better understand the work of each machine and the organisation and functioning of the various company departments (production, quality, tooling and warehouse).

While during the following days, I carried out various tasks independently, such as production on CNC machines, dimensional and quality control of components on automatic and manual 3D machines, coding and cataloguing of tools and equipments, packaging of goods for shipments to customers, data entry and analysis on serial productions, and much more. So I can say that these three weeks were full of interesting lessons on the world of precision mechanics."


  • Do you think you have learnt a lot in the company? More importantly, do you think the lessons you received here will also help you at school?

"Yes, I have deepened many notions and concepts that were only hinted at school. I will therefore return to school with a great experience and I am sure that all the new things I learnt here will help me during this last year of high school, but also in the future.

I think this is a very good school-company partnership because it gives to the students the opportunity to put into practice what we learn and study at school.”


  • Now that you have finished your first work experience, what ideas do you have for your future? Do you already know what job you would like to do?

"Unfortunately I am very uncertain about my future, in the sense that I am not yet clear on the right path to take. Continuing with studies is the choice that many people recommend, but after this experience I believe that jumping straight into the world of work is a more imminent growth alternative. Here at Bermec I was able to really understand what it means to work and be part of a team.

In conclusion, I therefore believe that the area in which I’d like to work in the future is exactly this - precision mechanics."


Below is a beautiful video, which shows us Andrea's experience in Bermec through photos and moments:

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