Torque Motors with Bermec equipment

Torque Motors are designed to provide rotational motion with no need for a mechanical transmission. Unlike ordinary motors, Torque Motors only consist of two functional elements, the stator and the rotor, which are integrated into the structure of the machine.

Their greater efficiency and higher precision than motors equipped with conventional transmission systems, such as belts and pulleys, make Torque Motors a high-performance solution, useful for a vast range of applications in different fields:

  • Robotics
  • Medical
  • Machine tools
  • Cars and motorbikes

Bermec is a long-established partner of Torque Motor producers, constructing two essential components, the Cooling Jacket and the Rotor, for them. We’re able to construct these components with different dimensions, from 50 up to 500 mm, in every size requested.

Thanks to a team with skills maintained constantly at the state of the art, we are able to assemble the cooling jacket with the stator pack, and also to perform final testing and issue the relative dimensional certification. Bermec has always invested in building solid relationship with its business partners, and constantly going the extra mile to give something more, above and beyond customers’ expectations, is one of our core values.

Transmission systems are evolving, and the Torque technology offers many benefits:

  • Smaller sizes
  • Lighter weights
  • Better electromechanical performances

So Bermec works hard to create more and more efficient components, reflecting our commitment to keeping in step with the very latest technological developments.

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