Youth and Work

Today we want to talk about a current topic that is really important for us: young people and school internships.

Since years Bermec offers the possibility to students coming from various school institutes the opportunity of making school internship experiences within the company.

The aim of this initiative is to help young people to grow, to understand which are the job opportunities and what can offer the external world, always trying to transfer everything possible for giving them more knowledge of the future, especially in regard to our mechanics world.

Bermec plays this role in full compliance with all the rules and regulations which young people need to respect and it does this with the spirit and goal of transferring knowledge. Additionally Bermec never ignores the possibility of evaluating the great elements that arrives in the company and of offering them a job opportunity for the future.

At present five guys, that did their school internship in Bermec during the past years, are still working here.

This year, also in occasion of the renovation of our website, we decided to create a particular space dedicated to all the students that will join us for this kind of experiences from now on.

The students will share their testimonies on what they did, what they liked and what was of interest to them.

We are sure that this will be a great opportunity to understand better the importance of the school internship experience, listening and reading it through the voices of the real protagonists: young people.

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