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Youth and Work

Today we want to talk about a current topic that is really important for us: young people and school internships . Since years Bermec offers the possibility to students coming from various school institutes the opportunity of making school internship experiences within the company. The aim of this initiative is to...

#PeopleBehindMachines is more than just a hashtag to underline the professionalism that has made such a crucial contribution to Bermec’s growth in recent years; it is first and...

What is MOCA certification? MOCA certification , the Italian certification for materials and objects approved for contact with food, is essential for a company like Bermec, which...

Bike to work is the Welfare Plan adopted by Bermec to support household incomes by offering workers specific goods and services, with a focus on the green trend towards...

Torque Motors are designed to provide rotational motion with no need for a mechanical transmission. Unlike ordinary motors, Torque Motors only consist of two functional elements,...

The biggest challenge is the one you weren’t expecting! The best business model is to plan for the unexpected. The antibodies against all crises are built over time, by...

Bermec CEO, Emanuele Bertolini , has a special message to all our friends and customers regarding the Covid-19 pandemic: Dear Friends, As you are well aware the Covid-19 pandemic...

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