Food contact materials

What is the MOCA/FCM certification?

The MOCA/FCM certification is the Italian certification for materials destined to come into contact with food. This is essential for a company like Bermec since the components we produce for the food industry necessarily need to be suitable for food contact.

The MOCA/FCM certification provides audited documentation allowing readiness to inspections and to the customers’ requests but above all it enables companies to stand out i n their markets by displaying high standards and reliability.

Why is the MOCA/FCM certification so important?

The Legislative Decree n 29 from 10 February 2017 imposes penalties for the violation of the European regulations on objects intended for food contact. A company like Bermec, which aims for excellence as its standard and which is working to an ever-increasing extent on food industry components, sees this certification as an additional step toward the European leadership in precision machining.

The audits performed as a prerequisite for the issue of the certification confirm our ability to manage risks relating to both the shedding of substances and the performance of components; as a matter of fact, we are able to avoid and prevent any quality impairment and to guarantee health safety of the foods the machined parts come into contact with.

By obtaining the MOCA/FCM certification, Bermec takes another step toward the excellence in precision machining.

Food contact materials