Bermec for Sustainable Development

Today we’d like to talk about a very important theme, a universal project adopted by all the UN Member States in 2015: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development . It consists of a universal plan, having 17 sustainable development goals which are a call to action under three dimensions: economic, social and...

We propose today a new video interview about the topic ‘ young people that make experience and work in Bermec ’. The protagonist is Luca , a young mechanic student who did his...

Welcome to our second appointment dedicated to the topic ‘ young people that make experience and work in Bermec ‘. Today the protagonist of our interview is Daniel , a young...

As anticipated on the previous article ‘ Youth and Work ‘, this year we decided to give space and voice to young people that make experience and work in Bermec. The young student...

Today we want to talk about a current topic that is really important for us: young people and school internships . Since years Bermec offers the possibility to students coming...

#PeopleBehindMachines is more than just a hashtag to underline the professionalism that has made such a crucial contribution to Bermec’s growth in recent years; it is first and...

What is MOCA certification? MOCA certification , the Italian certification for materials and objects approved for contact with food, is essential for a company like Bermec, which...


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